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User's Guide


Opening Hours

Chūō Library9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
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Nukata Library9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Regional Libraries Click here.

Days Closed

Chūō Library, 
Nukata Library
Wednesdays (open if Wednesday is a national holiday)
New Year period (December 29 - January 3)
Other days designated by the library (for organizing library materials)
Regional LibrariesClick here.
(Chūō, Nambu, Ōhira, Tōbu, Yahagi andMutsumi Citizens' Centers, Okazaki Genkikaninformation library)

How to make a library card

Persons living, working or attending school in Aichi maymake a library card for borrowing. To make a library cardplease complete an application form and hand it in to the loans desk withproof of your current address (insurance card, student identification,driver’s license, resident card, etc.).
If you are coming from outside Okazaki for work for school, please bring somedocument or article to prove your affiliation.

Thepersonal information you enter into this application form will not be used forany purposes other than to issue items and managing your library card.

If youlose your library card or change your address or phone number please contactthe loans desk as soon as possible.

Library cards can also be usedat the Nukata Library, regional libraries (citizens’ centers, Genkikan).

If you try to use your library card again after notusing it for 10 or more years, you may be asked to apply again.
Library card

How to borrow library materials

Please present the items you wish to borrow and library card atthe loans desk. At the Chūō Library,the self-issuing machine can be used.

It is possible to borrowup to ten books and five audio visual items (CDs, DVDs, videos, etc) at a visual items user's guide)
Theloan period is up to 2 weeks.

Self-issuing machine

How to return library materials

Please return books to the returns counter. Library cards are not required. When the library is closed books and magazines can be put in the after hours returns slot. To prevent damage please do not put CDs, DVDs or videos in this slot – please return these items when the library is open. Books can also be returned at other locations (regional libraries).
Return slot

How to renew library materials

Items can be renewed once, for two additional weeks from the day renewed, unless they are reserved by another person or overdue. A renewal request should be made to a librarian before returning the item. After the item is returned, it will be sent to the reshelving area and will not be available until it is put back on the shelf.

How to search for library materials

Items can be searched for from the online public access catalog (OPAC) using the title or author’s name. It also possible to search over the internet from home computers or cell phones (catalog search). Enquiries and assistance are available at the reference counter.

Borrowing restrictions

If borrowed items are more than 60 days overdue, you will be unable to borrow further items until the overdue items are returned.

How to request materials housed in the
closed stacks

If you wish to use materials from the automatic stacks, closed stacks or special collections, please ask a librarian.
Present an OPAC a receipt form to the counter. The retrieval status is displayed on the monitor in front of the counter. Please check the receipt number.

How to reserve library materials

If the item you wish to borrow in on loan it can be reserved at the Chūō Library, Nukata Library, mobile library or regional libraries. (reservation request form [PDF])It is possible to reserve up to 10 books and 5audio-visual items (including requests and books from other libraries.However, only 3 books or fewer may be requested each month).When books that are on loan are reserved, as soon as they are returned and ready to be borrowed, you will be contacted by phone or email. Please collect the books within one week. Reserved books that are not collected after 1 week will automatically be returned to the shelves. Reserved resources are also able to be collected at the Chūō Library, Nukata Library or regional libraries. Reservations can be made over the internet, from a mobile phone or OPAC (catalog search). The library card number and password is required.
My page

How to request library materials

Books that are not available in the library are able to be requested for purchase or for inter-library loan. Submit a reservation request form to the loans desk(reservation request form [PDF]).

Group loan service

Library materials (up to 100 volumes) can be lent out to reading groups that meet the required conditions for up to one month. Please contact the loans desk for details.
Applicationfor Group Loan Registration(PDF)
Notice Formfor Change of Group Registration Details(PDF)

Photocopying service

Photocopies are able to be made within the restrictions of the copyright act. When making photocopies please complete a copy request form and submit it to staff.

·     JapaneseCopyright Act 
Copy requestform
Sample offilled out request form


Photocopiers available:

1FReference libraryTwo 
2FPopular libraryOne
Children's libraryOne

Photocopying charges:

Sheet sizeColor (up to A3)Black and white (up to A3)
Charges50 yen/sheet10 yen/sheet

Services for people with disabilities

Braille books, audio books (cassette tapes, DAISY books), computers with magnifying software and a face-to-face reading room are available.

Expansion reading seat
1F Reference library Two seats
2F popular library Two seats

Wheelchair seat
1F Reference library Two seats
2F popular library Two seats
Face-to-face reading room
2F popular library

Postal loan service

A postal loan service is available for people with disabilities who have difficulty travelling to the library. Postage is paid by the library. Prior registration is required. For details, please contact the library on 23-3115.
  • Those eligible for postal loan service
[1]People with visual impairment listed from Grade 1 to 6 in the Physical Disability Handbook
[2]People who meet the stipulations of Article 59-2 of the Enforcement Order for the Public Office Election Law (Government Ordinance No. 89 (1950)). 
Details are as follows:
    Physical Disability HandbookWar Related Injury &Illness Handbook 
Lower limbs, trunk, mobile functionGrade 1 or Grade 2 Special conditions to Category2
Internal organ function
(heart, kidney, respiratory organs, rectum, small intestine, bladder) 
Grade 1 or Grade 3 Special conditions to Category3
Immunesystem, liverGrade 1 to Grade 3 

People who have a nursing care insurance card for which the listedrequired care category is level 5.

[3] People who have been issued a Mental Disability Certificate (A) at a Rehabilitation Facility for Intellectually Disabled People or Child Consultation Center.

Reference services

Reference librarians are available in the reference library on the first floor to assist you in using the library's resources; and finding the information you need for your research or other purposes. Librarians can also help with enquiries and be of assistance in gaining information from library resources, the internet and other libraries. If the item you require is not owned by our library and cannot be borrowed via inter-library loan, we will ask the holding library, on your behalf, to supply a photocopy. (Fees for copying & postage will apply)Questions received from library users and corresponding answers are stored in a database. 
  • Click here for the National Diet Library Collaborative Reference Database.
  • Click here  for the Okazaki City Library Reference Database.
Please feel free to contact our reference services staff for assistance.

Tips on using library resources

1: Make use of the library's information and distribution network!
You can reserve books online to be picked up and returned atyour local library.
Okazaki City Library participates in a national inter-library loan network. We will attempt to locate and borrow your requested materials from another library whenever possible.


2: Don't hesitate to ask library staff for assistance!

When you cannot find the book you are looking for, please feel free to ask a librarian for help.
Make use of the Information that only our librarians have.
Don't hesitate to ask even unusual questions.

3: You can extend the loan period online!

You can extend the loan period once (for 2 weeks from day of extension), unless the item is overdueor reserved.
When you think you can't finish a book before they it is due for return, please request renewal online.